Mat Bruso: vocalist - I called him "Snacky Treat" while he was alive. I probally will continue to do so now that he is undead as well. Mat was just a little yummy thing. I definitely saved him for dessert. Even though he's a little guy, he put up one extreme fight. He took off his belt, wrapped it around one fist and tried his best to fight me off. He almost succeeded. I remember he was concerned about two things. One, that his death would get Erin's house bloody and she would have to clean up after him, and two, he was distraught about leaving his fiance ( some female mortal by the name of Angie Butler) behind. She was all he ever talked about.

As a side note on the artistry of this picture, I would have cropped this photo better, had I known I was going to end up sharing it with you. So, try and not focus on the stuff behind us and instead focus on what a good couple Mat and I make.