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Tell me, Christian mortals, aren't you going to catch shit for doing an interview with a big, rotting fag, such as myself?

Eric: I don't think kids are even going to think twice about it. They'll be like, "Sweet, Bless The Fall got killed" (everybody laughs). Maybe there will be that one, critical kid out there questioning it, but I don't think it will be tragic.

Well possibly I can enlighten you to something that is going to be tragic indeed, your deaths!

(Everybody laughs)

Tell me about your stance as a Christian band

Matt: We just all grew up on Christianity. It's what we all believe in. Music is also our passion, so we write about it in our music. We bring the two things we love the most together.

What if someone in the band were to change their beliefs? Would they be kicked out?

Craig: I don't think any of us would stray off of the basis of the belief. We all believe in God and Jesus, which is the basis. Everyone has their own, individual beliefs within that one belief. I think every one of us will probably always believe in Jesus and what he did in our lives. It helps us in our lives and we'll always think about it and write about it.

Do you always conciously try to make your song lyrics reflective of that?

Craig: It varies. Sometimes we want to be very specific in our lyrics, other times, we don't. A song like "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad" is pretty much about rape. It's about women, rape and trying to overcome it. But then, "His Last Walk" which is the title track of our new CD, is probably the heaviest, lyrically. It's about Jesus' last walk with the cross, up to his crucifixion.

Did you see The Passion of The Christ?

(The whole band nods)

Matt: I think it hit the nail on the head. It was a hard thing to watch for a lot of people. Some people don't want to believe it ever happened. Possibly atheists don't like that a movie was made on the topic, but seeing the movie made it all much more real for me.

Ok, so tell me how the band, itself, began.

Craig: About three years ago, in High school, through a local website called, Matt, Mike and a former guitarist named Miles, put the band together. They had me come down and try out as vocalist and ended up choosing me to join the band. About a year later we picked up Pimp Nasty Eric, over here.

Do you all share one, musical influence...or?

Mike: We all have our own, personal influences, and it all rubs off on the music. If you listen to the CD, it's a bunch of different styles. Everyone brings something different to the table. Matt and I used to listen to Linkin Park a lot. Some of us are into Hip Hop, some are into Metal.

Is Bless The Fall a Screamo band?

Eric: I don't necessarily like to say we are a Screamo band, because when you use that label, people immediately think Hawthorne Heights

Or Silverstein...

Eric: I really like Silverstein though

Their drummer is a pussy ass.

Eric: We do have screams in our lyrics, but I think they are more meaningful. We don't scream like little girls. I think they are a lot tougher. There's also more singing than a lot of other bands.

I wish to understand this mortal custom of wearing girl pants better. Does Bless The Fall adorn their cadavers with such attire?

Eric: I do not wear girl pants. I'll stand hard on that one. But...I used to (laughs). All the other guys did too.

(band points to Craig)

Craig: What, I started it? (laughs) Oh...OK...well apparently I was the first one in the band to begin wearing tighter pants. I find them to be very comfortable. I don't like wearing baggy pants because the crotch region ends up bunching up, kind of in a big, pyramid shape.

I would find that most acceptable!

(Everyone laughs)

Craig: You cannot wear women's jeans that do not have pockets on the back, though. That's just a "no no." I've seen some dudes wear the one's without pockets. I find it disgusting.

Some of the big, beefy Hardcore bands give a lot of shit to girl-pant wearing groups. How do you react to that?

Craig: Actually we toured with Norma Jean, Between The Buried and Me, Misery Signals and Fear Before The March of Flames and...

They will all die!

Craig: None of them really gave us any crap at all. They were all really supportive.

Tell me about your CD

Matt: His Last Walk just came out on (April) the 10th. It had been available on-line at and Before that we had an eight song EP out. We got signed on that. This new CD came from that. The label asked us to add a couple more songs on it, in order to make it a full length. We don't sell that EP any more. We only have this one CD. It has 11 tracks on it.

If you were going to re-record it right now, would you record it differently?

Eric: We would try to do even more with the CD. Our creativity grows everyday. We might try and change things, add more songs. We would probably add different styles in there. Maybe we would add some tougher songs, some catchier ones...

You are getting ready to head out to the Warped Tour, correct?

Jared: We are going on the full Warped Tour this year. We will be playing on the Smart Punk stage. We are pretty stoked about that. We can't wait to get out there and hang out with all our fans and play our music. We've worked very hard to get this point and nothing is going to stop us from taking this as far as we can.

I know something that can and will stop you...ME!