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Accomplices: Rock Star Aaron, Jacci, Jeremy and The Iron Wolf

Photographs by Rebel Photo. Additional photos by Brittany Paige

Band photo by David Bean

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So...first of all, as for you... lead singer Stephen....Some mortals might not be aware of the fact that not only are you from here (Denver), but I hunted you in your last band New Day Awakening. You obviously thought you would escape me by joining this band. Now your failure is complete!

(Everybody laughs)

Stephen: Yeah, I guess so.

How did it affect you going from a local band here in Denver, to a national group that constantly tours?

Stephen: It was an adjustment at first. I had basically one rehearsal and then we headed out for a European tour (laughs). But the guys were great. They made the transition easy for me.

As for the rest of you, Tell me how this doomed, mortal band began.

Devin: The band started in early 2001, in Indiana, with Brennan, Michael and myself. We just wanted to play heavy music. Brennan and I are, of course, brothers. Michael is Brennan's best friend. At first, we played in our parents living room (laughs).

What's Indiana like?

Devin: Indiana is cool. Super Bowl champs. Um...that's what it's like (laughs)

Sounds thrilling

Devin: So that's how things got started. Then about six months later, Jason joined the band. And then our old vocalist joined the band around the same time.

Is it just me or did your original vocalist sound like a vampire when he sang?

(Everybody laughs)

Devin: Yeah, I guess he did

Why did he leave?

Jason: He got married

Were you angry with him for leaving the band just as the band was gaining momentum?

Jason: No, not at all. We love him and are very happy for him. We never looked at it that way. We just do what we do and are thrilled with how far it's all come. But we will always support each other on a personal level.

How mortal...and sappy. Who came up with the band name?

Devin: I did. It comes from an old hymn called "It Is Well With My Soul." The last verse says "And Lord haste the day when my faith shall be sight." It's talking about the return of Christ.

Was the goal to be a Christian band, from the beginning?

Devin: Yes. very much so.

Since Christian Metal doesn't have as extensive history as secular Metal does, I'm always interested in what music served as an influence for bands such as yours.

Mike: We kind of all grew up being Solid State, Tooth and Nail fans. So bands like Zao...

They are dead!

Mike: (Laughs)...Uh..Living Sacrifice, Project 86, Stretch Armstrong...

I didn't know Stretch Armstrong are Christian mortals

Mike: Some of the guys in the band are Christian

Well they will die!

Mike: So, we were kind of obsessed with bands like that. It was kind of a dream come true getting signed to that same label.

How long after the band's formation did this event come about?

Jason: I think it was late 2002 when we got the initial offer from Solid State. We signed with them about a year later.


What took so long?

Jason: A lot of negotiation

About what?

Jason: Lawyer stuff. Trying to meet on the terms of the contract.

Does Solid State have certain requirements to be on their label?

Jason: As far as being all Christian, they don't have strict rules about that.

You have a new CD out. What does the title Pressure The Hinges come from?

Stephen: Everyone is faced with pressure in their lives, whether it is the pressure to do something or whatever it may be. It is a real part of life. All the songs revolve around this pressure that life puts on us. The title caps everything off.

Which songs are you most proud of?

Stephen: "Chorus of Angels" and "The Minor Prophets." There are a few songs I had the pleasure in having a major part in writing and those were them. Writing the lyrics of those songs helped me deal with some things in my life. I hope they can help other people as they helped me.

Well they're not going to help you survive me!

(Everybody laughs)

What kind of impact would you like the group to make on people musically? And spiritually?

Devin: From a musical aspect we hope that we give people the freedom to write more and more diverse music. We hope that our fusion of pop melodies and metal will inspire people to push the envelope even further and make great music that includes influences from many genres. From a spiritual aspect, we hope that our band will be a source of hope. For people who share our Christian beliefs we hope it encourages them in their faith. And for those who don't necessarily share our viewpoint, we hope that they learn something about our faith and find hope and strength through it.