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The Final Interview of Animo

For a group that is not signed, you've done more than most bands that are. What is your secret?

Donovan: The secret is an actual magic 8 ball. Schuyler smokes with it and things happen. Its actually just been a lot of hard work on our part. Our band actually works hard and just doesn't say that we do.

Your band once went by the band name of DORK. It was a name you legally fought for. Why in hell would you change it?


Donovan: Several reasons, really. There was still a pending legal issue. We had a band member leave and with that we saw a chance to move on. Our music was moving on and we thought the name should go with it.

How has changing your name to Animo helped the group?

Donovan: It really helped us identify with a new audience that wasn't comfortable saying they were a Dork fan. We got kind of stuck with people thinking that we had to sound a certain way because of the name. So, we were able to keep the same fans and add some new ones.

If you thought of the biggest highlights of your existence as a band, what stands out?

Donovan: There are a lot of rad things we have got to do as a band. For me, playing the main stage at Warped Tour in our hometown of Denver, CO was a huge deal for me. But being able to play shows all over for people who actually dig our tunes is the best part.

You've toured Warped tour for three years straight. Is it still a profitable and fun experience?

Donovan: Warped has been great for us. With the name change it allowed us to get a lot of exposure right away and get our music out there to a ton of people. We still have a lot of fun out there. I think for a band like ours its the perfect tour. We get to play for kids everyday that have never heard of us and walk away a fan.

Tell me about your alluring guitarist, Brian-So-Handsome.

Donovan: Well, Brian has his masters degree in sound engineering and is the head producer/engineer at Global Sound Studios in Broomfield, Colo...

Yada, Yada, Yada...That's not what I want to know about! I want to know if others in the world think he is as yummy as I do.


Donovan: Most definitely. It's ridiculous how much this fucking guy gets hit on. The best part is that hes so fucking shy. Some of the guys on tour with us this summer started calling him "chum," as in the stuff they put in the ocean to attract sharks. Girls will come to talk to him and the guys would hit on them because Brian is too shy. We give Brian a hard time about being a "model." The funny thing is he is an actual male model. He is not going to be happy I said that (laughs).

Are you jealous that I left you to go be with him?

Donovan: I will somehow learn how to deal with it.

Certainly, you must have seen him undressed at some point, while on tour. Tell me about his junk. Does he shave his pubs like you do?

Donovan: He never wears a shirt on warped tour and that's as much as I will see.

This is an OUTRAGE!!! You tour with someone as yummy as Brian and you don't take the time to catch him in various stages of undress, so that you can report back to the female mortals and gay zombies of the world that are waiting for the lowdown on such alluring penile information!?!

Donovan: Sorry dude

I see I will have to take things into my own hands!

You put out the debut ANIMO record "One Hope One Mind" last summer and it sold really well. When are we going to hear something new?

Donovan: You can actually hear a brand new track called "The Addiction" at that we recorded around Thanksgiving. We are writing and recording demos for our new record right now. We have like 18 songs in different stages. We are going to start the actual recording process late Feb. Having Brian in the band makes recording for us is a little easier than it used to be. Look for us to be touring in support of that this summer.


You once mentioned that of all times in the music industry, it is the hardest, right now, for a group to get a deal. Why is that?

Donovan: The industry is changing and people are trying to figure out what to do as far as making money. People are getting layed off on a monthly basis. There is also a million bands out there now. Everyone knows someone in a band now. That doesn't mean they are good but most think they are. With the labels having less money and there being so much competition the chances get lower and lower.

Gene Simmons said it is because the industry is dead, due to people illegally downloading band's music. Do you agree with him?

Donovan: I don't think the industry is dead but its changing. And I think with change there are going to be some casualties. I think downloading had something to do with it. But its not the total cause.


Why do you think Denver groups are starting to get signed (The Fray, Single File, Meese...etc)

Donovan: The Fray got signed because that dude can write a great pop song, period. I think the internet has just given more visibility to bands outside of LA and NYC . Denver has been able to take advantage of that. With the radio station KTCL giving local bands a shot at regular airplay it really ups the chances of a deal for a band.

Since you are kind of a thug-like mortal, if you could beat up one Colorado group for getting a record deal instead of you, who would it be?

Donovan: I don't do that anymore. But I never would want to fight a band for being successful at what they love doing, that's why we all do this. I think a better reason to have your ass kicked is for being a dick, no matter what level you are at.

How alluring and butch. What's the last fight you got in?

Its been a awhile and a lot of therapy and medication.

What kind of medication?

Donovan: I take Zoloft


Do you find taking an antidepressant makes it difficult to ejaculate?

Donovan: No, I perform just fine.

Animo has been all over the world and made friends with so many bands. Which of them are you closest to?

Donovan: Probably Greg from the Bouncing Souls. He has always been really cool and honest with us. One of the nicest guys I know is Eric Melvin from NOFX. Hes a fucking rad dude and super nice. Dango from Amber Pacific is also rad