Come Forth By Day

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The Final Interview of Come Forth By Day

You two were in a project prior to Come Forth By Day. Tell me about it.

Rob: John, Dan and I were in a hybrid, Metal, Punk band called Splitfoot. We were pretty green but ambitious. We were playing guitar harmonies and blast beats while every other band was stuck in their JNCO jeans listening to Limp Biscuit.

What was it about Hardcore that called to you?

Rob: It appealed to us because we're tough and we're from the streets of Lupton. We had to walk to school on dirt roads, outrunning stray animals while dodging rogue mullets in tractors? (laughs) I'm telling you, its rough where we come from. (More laughter)

Dan: Growing up in Lupton is the epitome of Hardcore.

Rob: Yeah, it smells like fish but it tastes like chicken. (More laughter)

Why is your current CD called Greatest Hits, Volume One?

Dan: We Googled "The Best of Come Forth By Day" but Michael Jackson owns the intellectual rights to the phrase "the best of" so we thought we would go with "Monster Ballads." Turns out Killing Kings owns that one. (Laughter)

I heard it was because the songs had been out for so long, and your fans knew them so well, that in essence, they were your greatest hits.

Dan: Not exactly. We did end up putting two bonus tracks on the CD though. Those two are classic favorites of our fans. We put them on there just for them.

Why did it take so long for the CD to come out?

Dan: Everything about us is long.

Rob: As a band we are poor and we are perfectionists. Those two things don't go together very well in the studio, but we are definitely happy with the finished product.

What's the biggest lessons you learned while recording it?

Rob: We have definitely learned patience, and to do our homework before committing to studio time.

Your CD isn't pure Hardcore. I hear a lot of Metal in it.

Rob: Yeah

To my rotting ears, I hear a definite Maiden influence. "The Long Haul,"for instance has that galloping rhythm and the ...'Woa Oh Oh's'... on the end.

Dan: We're all Iron Maiden fans, but Rob is a BIG Maiden fan. He has naked pictures of Bruce Dickinson all over his walls (Laughs)

You shall give them to me! Bruce has hairy buttocks!

Dan: We love doing the harmonized guitar solo stuff, but we have to stop ourselves before we do too much of it and it ends up sounding dorky.

I've heard you do "The Trooper" live. I thought it ruled, but the crowd didn't seem to appreciate it as much.

Dan: Yeah, that happens. We also have done Danzig and Pennywise covers.

How has the crowd reacted?

Dan: It depends on the crowd.

There's also some great harmonized singing parts on the CD. Who does those parts?

Rob: It's all Johnny on the CD. Live, it's sometimes Tom, Dan and I.

Another interesting thing about the CD is the amount of sound clips from "La Bamba." Are you fans of that movie as well?

Dan: We chose to use La Bamba on the album because John is a lot like Richie Valens in that they are both Chicano yet don't speak Spanish and both slick their hair back with Pomade. They also both died in a plane crash at age 17. Rob is a lot like Richie's brother Bob, being that they have the same name. However, Rob is not as cool as Bob. Rob also has a poster of Lou Diamond Phillips in his bedroom next to the Bruce Dickinson one (laughs).

I see. What do you feel is the best way to move ahead in the business?

Dan: Remember that picture I sent you? That's how you get ahead (laughter).

(Dan got my attention above all the other bands that contact me for interviews, by sending me a picture of his VERY LARGE, erect penis...ed)

OK...I was trying not to bring that issue up, because everyone says I fag out too much in my interviews, but since you did....why don't you tell everyone just how big it is?

Dan: 8.5...ish.

It's just not fair that you're hetero. Have you ever been turned down for sex by female mortals, because of it's size?

Dan: Yeah. Pretty much takes the joy out of it.

But now your married. How does your meddling, female mortal wife deal with the pain?

Dan: She blasts Elton John on the radio to distract herself ( Much Laughter)


Dan: Yeah, Elton gets her through a lot of tough times in her life, Maris (more laughter)

Have you ever tried anal?

Is this part of the interview? Or are you just curious?

I'll have you know I am a professional! It's my readers that demand such truth be revealed!

Dan: Well, we'll just have to leave that answer to your reader's imagination


Dan: Well then, I'm going to have to leave it up to your imagination

My Greatness does not have an imagination

Dan: Sure you do. You use it all the time. You imagine me and you together all the time...eating ice cream, going puppy shopping, watching the notebook...etc. (Much laughter)

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I do not wish to converse about this any longer! You shall now set me up with the other stud in your group, Munchy Buns Ben!

Rob: Ben is the classic, chivalrous, romantic. We did not even want him in the band, but he wooed us into letting him in and I'm sure his charm will enchant you into some late night heavy petting.

Dan: One time, Ben tried to seduce me. Let me tell you, you'll never know love like Ben can give, of course I turned him down. But Bobby from Highfive told me he's pretty wonderful and those pictures of Ben with that guy that looks like me? yeah that was Bobby too. (laughs)

Most acceptable! Tell me about a show that you collectively feel was your greatest moment as a band, thus far.

Dan: For me, it was when we played the Sokol Underground in Nebraska. After we finished our set we learned that Mandy Moore was going to play on that exact same stage the very next night. That's the moment I felt we had made it. I left her a note in the green room. I'm still waiting for that call Mandy!

What are your tour plans?

Rob: Now that we have a finished CD and we own our own van we will be heading out of town more often.

Who is one of the most underrated local bands? National?

Dan: Splitfoot.

Rob: There are a lot of Denver bands that should be doing this full-time and could be doing just as well if not better than most the national acts out today. Too many to mention.
As far as national bands, I think Strung Out should be giant. They are better than everybody at everything they do.