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Accomplices: Brittany Paige, General D. Kay and Loushane Randall

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The Final Interview of Emmure

Most mortals get in bands dreaming of fame, or at least world-wide recognition and wealth. What is your dream within Emmure?

Frankie- Bear: World Wide Recognition and Wealth wouldn't be to bad! But the goal initially for me was to connect with people. And use music as a platform for me to express my feelings and ideas. I think I've accomplished at least that much.

The last time I saw you play, you went over really well, but this most recent time, people went ape-shit. Has Emmure's popularity been increasing? Why?

Frankie-Bear: I would like to say its been increasing! To answer why is simple: "TOURING!". We are always on the road and putting our name out there. We hope the next time we come back its even better than ape-shit..It's LION SHIT!

Tell me about the new CD "The Respect Issue"

Frankie-Bear: The new record is hands down the most brutal record we've released to date. There's a lot of harsh lyrics and brutal parts that I think will keep our fans listening.

Why did you title it that?

Frankie-Bear: I felt it was a strong title, especially based on the lyrical content..most of the songs have to do with removing people who have crossed you in life.. "Tales From The Burg" is definitely the song that I think best expresses our sound and vibe both lyrically and musically. Its a really energetic, and brutal track.

Are your lyrics just stuff you make up up or...?

Frankie-Bear: No, it's all based on experience. Everything I write is 100% true. Most of the time I write about how I view myself or about people I feel have hurt me.

I plan on killing you. Are you going to write a song about me?

Frankie-Bear: Probably not. You're cool in my book.

Oh, then you should write a love ballad!

Frankie-Bear: That's not really my forte.

Do you think the fact you swing both ways will fly in the machismo world of Metal?

Frankie-Bear: Swinging swords you mean? I think the cheese mo of metal will be cool with my mighty sword swinging!

That's not what I'm talking about! Remember that time I performed fellatio on you in that tub? Does your band even know?

Frankie-Bear: (Laughs)..in your DREAMS Maris..but you did a sneak peek at my harry ass..and I think everyone knows about that.

Did you know a hairy buttocks is a highly coveted thing in the gay community?

Frankie-Bear: Really? That's dumb. I would think a smooth, pampered butt would be more desirable.

There's a whole gay audience out there that would love you for your hairy buttocks. You could even pose for BEAR MAGAZINE and use the money to offset touring debt!

Frankie-Bear: (Laughs) Next question!

I notice so many bands within your genre try to look and act the same. Do you try to do anything to make Emmure unique?

Frankie-Bear: Totally. I mean, I've made it my personal mission to break stereotypes and push the envelope of what heavy music is all about. I think there's definitely room to do things that are creative and fresh.

And what about yourself?

Frankie-Bear: Sure. The clothes I wear, the way I sing, my entire persona. I've heard plenty of times that people think I'm a rapper when I walk on stage (laughs). I think when people think of a Metal singer they have this preconceived notion of how they're supposed to be. Sometimes it's necessary to break that mold.

Tell me about Kurt Angle and how he got connected with Emmure

Frankie-Bear: TNA wrestling and Victory Records have a nice business relationship..they help each other reach large demographics with both music and mainstream entertainment..so.. it's really all about marketing. We wanted to get a iconic figure for our album and Kurt Angle was the go to guy!

Can you hook me up with him, so that I can run my tongue along his anal region?

Frankie-Bear: I will do anything and everything I can to get you hooked up with Mr. Angle!

Is credibility important to you? How do you maintain it, within the band?

Frankie-Bear: Personally , I try to keep it as real as possible with myself and our fans. I get a lot of emails, instant messages, public interaction with our fans and they are really amazing. If people appreciate our music I try to make them also appreciate us as people.

Is being in Emmure therapeutic for you? How does being in the band make you feel as a human being?

Frankie-Bear: It's changed a lot about my life, I never thought I would really get to experience even half the things I've done in my short 21 years on this earth..and I feel very blessed.