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Accomplices: Do Ta Doom



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Your teach guitar, but are you self taught on guitar? Or did you take lessons?

Kevin: I took theory classes in high school and had a bunch of lessons when i was younger, but my skill comes mainly from playing a lot of guitar. I would cut guitar lessons out of guitar world, and master them. I was and still am very eager to learn as much as I can. I've got a friend right now who is helping me out with theory... Guitar playing is an obsession to me.

If you could transport yourself to the 80's and be the guitarist for any one band, who would it be?

Kevin: I would choose Motley Crue because they were fucking bad ass! I would step up the guitar playing (laughs), a little more involved solos.

Do you like what bands like Dragonforce are doing, in terms of bringing shred back to the forefront of heavy music?

Kevin: Oh fuck yeah. Although I can't listen to four songs straight-through, I dig their style and how they are totally at one extreme. It's like, wake up kids!

When I look at you on the band promo picture of this feature, I can't but help think you look like Vinnie Vincent.

Kevin: (Laughs) Ohh yeah I know who Vinnie Vincent is! He's a fast player, kinda reminds me of when I was a younger guitarist (laughs). But he seriously is a rad player. I think i'm a little sexier than him though (more laughter)

Vinny Vincent Invasion "Boyz Are Gonna Rock"

Most of the kids that come to your shows, weren't around to enjoy the Metal years. Do they appreciate your love of shredding and the fact it's highlighted in the band's shows?

Kevin: I think the kids really appreciate it. They are slowly catching on to guitar shred and I am very thankful for that. I get questions all the time about guitar playing, songwriting and tone. It's just great to know that guitar playing is NOT dead. It's the future of rock!

Speaking of tone, how important is it?

Kevin: As much as I'm a tone freak, I really feel that tone comes from the soul. You could give me a cheap, $50 dollar axe from Walmart and a picket amp, but it would still sound like THRASHER!

Tell me about Freak Show Excess.

Kevin: FSE was just a little experiment, I drove from CALI to New York for Christmas and got a little tired of rock music and went a little crazy on that 3,000 mile road trip. As soon as I got home I recorded a couple songs and put up "Drug" on my Myspace. I was shocked to see how many people actually enjoyed it.

If that project, or your Metal side project takes on a strong life of it's own, would you rather follow it or stay with Lovehatehero?

Kevin: Hmm... I am an artist so I am always seeking new adventures and always evolving as a musician. I want to carry Lovehatehero to a sufficient level before focusing on any side-projects. But if one of them were to blow up, I would have to balance both, like Aaron from Underoath and The Almost.

If the band were to brawl, who do you think would be the last man standing?

Kevin: Well, the great guitar Gods would have my back, so I would obviously be the last man standing.