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Accomplices: Do Ta Doom



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You once were a five-piece. Why are you no longer a five-piece?

Paris: Well, we have been through a few member changes and it seems that only the best can tour and keep it going no matter what. Its hard being on the road all the time and it's something you have to do and learn to love after a while. There's no home but the road.

You and Pierrick are the original members of the group. Does that mean Kevin and Scott are your bitches and have to do as you say?

Paris: Yeah, pretty much, including making my breakfast and telling me I'm god five times a day (laughs). No, we're all equal members in this and we all do the same amount of work. It's a brotherhood and we keep it real.

Do you secretly wish Pierrick would leave the band so that you could run everything and get all the credit...and female mortals?

Paris: Yeah, I've been planning his demise for quite some time now.

White Lies has been out long enough, that you have had the opportunity to look at it from a distance. How do you see the CD now, as opposed to when you first recorded it?

Paris: It's just as good if not better now. I'm stoked that we made such a good record and I have no regrets. But I know the new one is just gonna blow White Lies out of the water. We are writing as we speak and I'm stoked beyond all hell.

What was it like working with Cameron Webb?

Paris: Awesome!! He knows his shit and it was awesome doing a real record in a legit studio.

You also have a side project called My New Years Resolution. You shall now tell me about it.

Paris: It's basically the first songs I ever wrote by myself and I wanted to just get it out there for people to see. I'm always writing but I save all my good ideas for Lovehatehero (laughs).

If the band were to brawl, who do you think would be the last man standing?

Paris: Me duh...I'd use my legs to choke the other dudes out. (Laughs)

Most alluring and butch. How many inches is your penis when it's erect?

Paris: Well I lost my right leg in freak, leg-wrestling competition and I use my third leg now.

Wrestling? Third leg? How alluring? Where is the most unusual place you've ever masturbated your..."third leg?"

Paris:I don't masturbate. Mortal females do it for me.

How unfortunate. I am sure I could do a much better job.

Paris: I don't think so. You're talons look a little too sharp. They are a pretty pink, though.