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Murder Photograph by Rebel Photo



Your name is unusual. It suggests you are from a far off, exotic land. Where are you from?

Pierrick: I was born in Edmonton Alberta Canada, but moved to Los Angeles at two and grew up here

Do you ever go back and visit Canada?

I visit Quebec, where my relatives live every few years. I love it there, but I could never move back. Life is a bit slow in the north Country.

It's legal for gays to get married in Canada. Do you have views on the topic, being you're from there?

Pierrick: Well, remember, I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life, but even here, it's always been around me. It became legalized here in the last couple of weeks. It might make some people uncomfortable, but I believe if you love someone, you should be able to marry them. If you're in love, go for it.

If you were gay, would you want to marry me?

Pierrick: Of course!

Right answer! What about the the members of your band? Who would you most want to marry, if you all were gay?

Pierrick: Well, I don't know about that! (Laughs)

Using one word for each, describe the members of your band, including yourself.

Pierrick: Scott- napoleon

Paris- silly



White Lies has been out long enough, that you have had the opportunity to look at it from a distance. How do you see the CD now, as opposed to when you first recorded it?

Pierrick: I think its great, its art and I can't wait to create more of it. Of course I would change some things about it today, but you live and you learn

Your sound seems to have become more Metal sounding since the beginning.

Pierrick: It has, probably because we've listened to more Metal and toured with countless Metal bands.

When are you going to record a new CD?

Pierrick: December for sure.

Will you be working with Cameron Webb again?

Pierrick: No, not this time. We loved working with Cameron, but we want to experiment a bit more this next time, so we'll be working with Dan Pringle and Lea Haywood from Dreamlab Productions. They've worked with and produced Vanessa Hudgens, Ryan Cabbrerr, Ali & AJ and Automatic Love Letter. We're really excited.

Since your band is part of the music business, is it more important for Lovehatehero to follow the trends around them, or to focus on being original?

Pierrick: I wouldn't say either is more important than the other. I mean, we keep an eye on what's going on around us. It's good to know what the trends are and change when you need to and when it makes sense to. It's pointless to alienate people. However, I do believe people will remember the more original acts over time.


Pierrick: Of course!

Correct answer again!


If you were to brawl with the rest of the band, who would be the last man standing?

Pierrick: Me of course, I'd eat all their eyes but, save the leftovers for you Maris.

Most acceptable!