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The Final Interview of Kill Syndicate

Kill Syndicate evolved to where it is today. Can you give an over view of where it began and where it is today?

Beer Can Boy (Dave Zaharia): Kill Syndicate evolved from a more Rage Against the Machine meets Slayer sound, utilizing turntables and six string guitars and had a nice heavy edge to it, and as time progressed, so did the style. Losing the turntables and going to seven string guitars, down-tuned and adding a more technical style of playing and of course a death metal vocalist has brought us to a much different sound than what the band was originally trying to accomplish, but we sound the way we want to sound now, which is heavy as fuck.

I've always felt you looked more like a manager kind of dude than a musician. Have you ever thought of being behind-the-scenes only?

Beer Can Boy: Well, I do admit that a lot of interviews and reviews have agreed with what you say about my appearance, but I do enjoy throwin' down on stage and it is definitely an outlet for rage and other emotions as well. I don't think I would be happy at this time being exclusive to "behind the scenes", but you never know what the future may hold.

What is it about being IN the band, that appeals to you?

Beer Can Boy: I enjoy the energy we create together and the swarm of angry kids and fans that we ignite in the pit with our music. And I also really like expanding the dark side of my creative abilities.

Why don't you shave your head or grow your hair long, so you don't look so straight-laced?

Beer Can Boy: I don't believe that it is your appearance that makes you who you are, but more your demeanor and personality. Most people who know me, know that I will push back when pushed and then open up with a full on assault, no matter how big they are, they will wind up on the ground in a puddle of their own blood. Now what's more metal than that? (laughs)

Well, you just gave me a chubby. Aren't you a trained warrior of some kind?

Beer Can Boy: I am a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Doe and was on the American national team and junior olympics.

Where do you come from musically? How did you become a guitarist?

Beer Can Boy: At the ripe age of 16, I was taken to a show of some band called "Slayer", I was hooked and immediately went out to buy a guitar. I ended up getting heavily into bands like "Death", "Carcass", "Malevolent Creation", and so on.

Who else?

Beer Can Boy: Mostly bands like; "Dead Horse", "Six Feet Under", "Suffocation", etc...

You once mentioned to me that there's no way to really make money being in a touring band. Has your opinion changed?

Beer Can Boy: It has changed, but it is still tough. We have broken through the point of funding our own tours and have actually turned a bill or two.

How do you deal with the struggle?

Beer Can Boy: Resilience and the undying passion to create and disburse Heavy Fucking Metal! Uh, can I use profanity?


Beer Can Boy: We like profanity.

So Kill Syndicate is making money then?

Beer Can Boy: We have held our own the last two years and have made money, but just not enough to survive without a second income. I believe we are heading in the right direction.

My research has uncovered a legend that you have a GI NORMOUS beer-can-sized cock. If this is true, does it make up for the fact that your such a little guy?

Beer Can Boy: Well, it has worked in my favor, but the fact that I contribute so much to the scene is an even bigger plus.

Oh, I don't care about any of that. Have women turned down having sex with you because of it's size?

Beer Can Boy: Good question, well, I must say that some girls have been wide eyed when I pull him, "The Executioner," as he is often referred to, out, but most girls then smile. (Laughs)

I doubt that. Female mortals don't like large penises. In fact, I'm not even sure they like penises at all.

Beer Can Boy: That's not what I've experienced! (laughs)

Now let me get this clear. You are a warrior, that likes to leave mortals in a puddle of their own blood? You have a penis named "The Executioner?"

Beer Can Boy: (Laughs) And I'm a certified, executive chef, Maris!

I'm in love!!

(Much laughter)

You have a fascinating past working for the causes of white mortals. Tell me about that.

Beer Can Boy: Well, without writing a book, I believe, not just whites, but all people should preserve, promote and hold sacred their personal heritage.  Mine happens to be white and I am proud of that.  Plus,  I don't get pulled over as much. (laughs)

Yeah, but weren't you on television due to your connection to white mortal causes?

Beer Can Boy: Yeah, I've been on Donahue, Geraldo twice. I've been in lots of newspapers.

Were you on the infamous Geraldo episode where the Skinheaded mortals brawled with the African American mortals?

Beer Can Boy: No, but that was a good friend of mine.


Beer Can Boy: John Metzger. I am friends with the Metzgers, W.A.R., and he was the gentleman that got into a scuffle on the Geraldo show.

Actually, I just watched the footage again. It was the African mortal that began the physical confrontation.

Beer Can Boy: Yeah, but they always try to make it look like it was us that start everything

What was the name of your organization?

Beer Can Boy: White Order

Are you upset that your mortal president has darker pigmentation?

Beer Can Boy: No, I'm upset that he's a democrat (Laughs)

Why aren't you in the press any longer?

Beer Can Boy: Too much contact from the Feds.

I see...does Kill Syndicate want to do anything within the genre of Death Metal that nobody else is doing? Or are you happy to be fitting in?

Beer Can Boy: Well, we've been thinking about spraying the crowds with a combination of fetus fecal and goat urine, but other that that, just straight in your face metal with an immense amount of conviction and energy, which is caused by us slamming a case of the world's best energy drink, MONSTER ENERGY!

What do you WISH more bands were doing within the genre?

Beer Can Boy: As you know, I appreciate all styles of music and just would like people to stick to their guns and keep the passion and flame in what they do. Whether or not they become rich or famous, they will always be true to themselves and no one can take that away!

Tell me about your new CD.

Beer Can Boy: The new album titled "Bleed Your God" is a collection of soft melodies and warm rainbows...(laughs) Yeah right, this album will be what God himself refers to as "Some Brutal Ass Shit!"