Conducting From The Grave

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The Final Interview of Conducting From The Grave

How did mortal life bring you to be in a Metal band?

Chewy: I'm scared of the dark and I figured if I could make noises that sound like what monsters might hide there make, I could possibly get myself out of a one on one encounter. I figured that if I may actually be able to talk to a monster like a monster, I might ensure my safe getaway.

Intriguing. Was Conducting From The Grave your first group?

Chewy: My first band was when I was in 9th grade called Cranium Fear. Lots of Pantera influenced songs.

Which band was instrumental in getting you into Death Metal?

Chewy: The biggest and most influential for me was Cannibal Corpse. Vocally and lyrically it was beyond anything I had heard.

So, how did you come to be in Conducting From The Grave?

Chewy: Their former lead singer had left. A mutual friend (of both the band and myself) named Joe was doing merch for them. He recomended me.

How does it work with you living on a separate coast from the group?

Chewy: It's hard. We can't do local shows. We can't practice...

Why do they keep you?

Chewy: (Laughs) I don't know! They are great guys, for putting up with my shit.

Why don't you just move to California, to be with them?

Chewy: Because of my son, my friends and family

If your penis were a Conducting From The Grave song, would it be a long song? A short song? Would it begin hard, only to go soft in the middle?

Chewy: If my dick were a Conducting From The Grave song, it would be over eight minutes long and be hard as fuck the whole time


Much laughter

Were you involved with When Legends Become Dust, aside from just doing vocals?

Chewy: Yeah, I wrote the lyrics for four of the songs. "The Calming Effect," "Burdens of a Dying World," " Hit The Lights (Armaggedons Here)" and also the title track. I plan on writing all the lyrics for the new album.

When will the band be recording again?

Chewy: Early February. They will be with Zach Ohren at Castle Ultimate

When will you be doing the vocals?

Chewy: Not sure of the date, but probably a week or so after they finish tracking. Shawn and Ash from Sumerian will be there. They know what works and are definitely on top of their game in this industry. So having outside input will make it that much better.

One thing I like about your group, is the jazzy little instrumental parts in some of the songs. Who is responsible for that?

Chewy: John. He is an amazing musician.

Will there be more of that on the new CD?

Chewy: Some, but maybe not as much. The kids get bored with it when we do it live. They just want to mosh.

Have you heard of Blind Witness?

Chewy: No

One young mortal told me to check them out. Tell me what you think of them..

Chewy: That works. I dig it, definitely. I hear The Acacia Strain in the beginning chords. The Acacia Strain has inspired so many bands. These guys are taking what's going on and making it their own. That's what helps separate the bands from this oversaturated scene

What do you think of the video?

Chewy: Very well done

I like the pace of the video, the mortal fans and how the video ends and then picks up with the band out on a dock

Chewy: Yeah

Why don't you guys have a video?

Chewy: That's up to the label. They call the shots with that.

How do you maintain your voice for the road?

Chewy: There is nothing really special. I love green tea and that's always soothing, but I have been singing from my diaphram for years, now. I rarely run into problems

What about for recording?

Chewy: I did ten hours on the last album and got worn out on the last song

Is smoking a hindrance?

Chewy: I quit smoking five years ago

Oh really? I didn't know. Oh wait...haven't you recently went straight edge?

Chewy: Yeah, I did. But I didn't do it to follow some trend. Aside from health, I did it for my son. I'm living for two people and I'm going to do it the right way, free of any poison

Ah shit! There goes my chance to get you drunk and get in your pants!

Chewy: (laughs)

What is the biggest misconception about you

Chewy: That I'm a dick. I always read kids posting that stuff on line

When you don't smile, you DO look like a dick. Kind of like, don't fuck with me...

Chewy: (Laughs) yup.

No wonder female mortals like you

Chewy: They do? (laughs) Why is that?

Female mortals like bad boys. They are under the illusion that they can change them. Personally, I don't want to change you. I just want to put your penis in my mouth

Chewy: (Laughs) Well...anyone can have a bad day, but I'm not a dick. I'm a good guy. All of us (in the band) are nice guys. Anyone that comes to see us play can come up and talk to me. I won't bite your head off.


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