The Ghost Inside

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The Final Interview of The Ghost Inside

I'm all about getting in your pants, Aaron, because you're a tall, sexy, ginger with a reputation for having a large penis. However, I've also decided I want your lead singer, Jonathan Vigil. Aside from his large, superior smile, what other selling points does he possess?

Aaron: Vigil is an animal...That's all I really need to say about that (laughs).

Sounds zesty. If you were homosexually inclined, would you want to date him?

Aaron: (Laughs) I don't know about that one. He sleeps about 18 hours per day collectively. I don't think I would enjoy dating a koala.

I like to refer to him as Sunshine Face. Why do you mortals call him The Spaniard?

Aaron: Because he hates being referred to as that very title. It's pretty much just a joke between him and our tour manager, that has been going on for the better part of two years. He's going to kill me for it making it into an interview. Sorry Vigil!

The title of your CD, is about travel, life on the road and how you miss so much from your personal lives at home. Does being away so much, ever bother you?

Aaron: If bothers me pretty often, yes. It's really difficult to constantly feel like your stuck in a time lapse. When you see friends and family for short periods of time every three months, you just assume that things will always be right where you left off with them. Then you start to realize that life goes on at home without you whether you like it or not.

Why is this band worth missing all of that?

Aaron: It's worth it because when I first started playing with friends in a garage when I was 16, the coolest thought in the world was playing on a stage. Next was playing the next town over, and the next state over, and recording in a studio, etc. Every time I think about all that stuff, I'm thankful that I've even made it this far. Getting to travel the world, playing music, is something that I will always be appreciative of.

You guys speak out against fights at your shows. Don't you think fighting is a natural element of Hardcore shows?

Aaron: Absolutely not. Punk/Hardcore originated on the premise of people that felt like outcasts, uniting to create a music scene to call their own. What part of the word 'unity' makes you think of beating the shit out of people to prove how 'hard' you are?

You're speaking to someone that kills bands, and fondles their lifeless genitals...

Aaron: My friend Carl, from First Blood, said it best. "What's the point of beating each other up at this show, when as soon as you leave, everyone outside of these four walls, in the real world, is going to be laughing at you for being in here in the first place?"

Well spoken. I wish Carl would let me give him fellatio. What has The Ghost Inside accomplished thus far that you're most proud of?

Aaron: I'm just proud of how far we have come and where we hope to be going. Our band wouldn't be anything without the hard work of everyone involved with The Ghost Inside.

Some mortals believe The Ghost Inside is a christian band...

Aaron: We get that a lot actually. For the record, no, we are absolutely not a Christian band. The Ghost Inside is made up of five guys with a variety of beliefs and values. The only thing we promote as a band is having as much fun as possible at our shows (laughs).

You did work with Thom, from Sleeping Giant, on the song "The Conflict." What was the point of view you were trying to convey with that song?

Aaron: We did a tour with Sleeping Giant a while back. The idea for that song came from the observation of people coming to that tour and liking/disliking our bands, based solely on if we were Christian or not. After talking with Thom about it, I came up with the idea of us doing a song together, to try and promote the idea of being able to respect a band on stage - even of you disagree with what they stand for or don't stand for. He was really into the idea, so we wrote that song together. If you take the time to dig deep into the lyrics of "The Conflict," it definitely speaks for itself. It's for sure one of my favorite songs on the album.

Do you think Christians are bashed too much?

Aaron: I think that true Christians have to deal with a bad reputation, created by people that don't deserve the title. You're not Christian just because you put on a dress shirt and go to church on Sunday. But just the same, being an avid church goer doesn't give you the right to look down on people for not agreeing with your beliefs. I just think that people need to look pass the back of their eyelids for once and see that it's not that hard to respect each other and get along, regardless of religious beliefs.

You also worked with Mat Bruso, formerly of Bury Your Dead. You know...him and I were lovers, on Ozzfest. Does he still have the boyish good looks and cute, tight butt?

Aaron: I love Mat. We had a really good time working with him in the studio. I can absolutely assure you that he is still a nice piece of grade A man meat.

When is the DVD coming out?

Aaron: We are still in the process of editing everything that was filmed over the last few tours. We will keep everyone updated on when we will be getting it out!

and is Mat going to be on it?

Aaron: My lips are sealed!