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Accomplices: Trent Jacobs, Daniel "Chicken Wing" Rachlitz, Justin Foster and Jarvis Westbourne



The Final Interview of Arcanium

What exactly is an Arcanium...and how did it become the name of your mortal band?

J-Sinn: We made it up. Derived from arcanum, which was found in the dictionary by myself and a friend. Then we misspelled it. We were a bit hammered the night we found it (laughs).

What style of metal were you in the beginning? Are you the same style now?

J-Sinn: (Laughs) NO. We were trying for a type if metal that was "different," but that didn't work out so well. But we had something cool.. an image that people could "choose" a person in the band to relate to. That also didn't last long. At best, we are what YOU want and nothing more. You don't like it? We don't give a fuck. You do? We chill, and get to know you and eventually find out why...which is absolutely exhilarating.

I understand. Then, genre-wise, how would you classify your band?

J-Sinn: (More laughter) Brand-nu-metal. Or we have always liked to call it "Innovative metal."

What are the band's influences?

J-Sinn: You will have have different answers from us all on this, however. Mine are Lamb of God, Manson, Death Punch, Mudvayne, American Head Charge...and many others.

In the beginning, was there a band that Arcanium aspired to be like? I know Riggs is a big, Kiss fan.

J-Sinn: I don't think we ever had something we wanted to be, except ourselves. But our managers and people around us gave us something we hated...and that was in fact being like another band.

Who was/is your management? And how did you form a relationship with them?

J-Sinn: We started the bands touring career with a group called Hollowpoint Management. Our manager was Shawn Barusch at the time. Then we worked with Shaun Glass and Roger Smith for two years, up until about a year ago. We have been free agents ever since. However, we have received a letter of intent from a management company showing interest in us, which has to remain a mystery for now.

How did these management mortals change you?

J-Sinn: It wasn't that they changed us, I guess. It was more of...each manager making us do things that they thought they could "sell" easier, than what we originally were. Our guitarist now known as "Riggs," was first known a "Suffercate," which we in turn shortened to "Cate." He used to wear very unique face paint, along side of myself having a distinct look as well, with white contacts, clothes, and white-tipped dreads with a long white goatee.

I saw a photo! Simply amazing.

J-Sinn: We were first asked to remove this look and make ourselves appear more "modern metal," so we could move forward as band...which none of us liked, nor our local fans.

Did making these changes help the band?

J-Sinn: Not sure if that is what actually did it. But shortly after, we scored the Megadeth, Machine Head, Suicide Silence tour

What kind of adjustments/growing pains did the band experience as a result of suddenly being on these tours?

J-Sinn: Well, on our first tour with Megadeth, we were basically clueless. We had to learn for ourselves and with the help of our experienced staff on board, what the days were like and how things worked for us. About a week in, we got used to the daily routine. The Bullet For My Valentine tour was about the same routine, but we already knew what to expect. Once we scored the smaller tours with Otep, Butcher Babies and Ill Niņo, we only had one tech, as opposed to four. So the days were longer and we actually had to work, rather than just hangout, get up on stage and play.

Interestingly, even though the makeup is gone and you transformed into a so-called "modern metal" band, you still incorporate theatrics into your show. Tell me about that...

J-Sinn: We are always trying to create a better live show. It's one thing to have energy and control and involve your crowd to make your show fun, but bringing in characters like our Uncle Sam really gives them something to enjoy aside from a cool light show. It made things more fun for us, which in turn creates a better energy and show for the crowd. I change outfits quite a bit on stage as well. There are five songs out of 11 that we usually do some theatrics for, and we are working on more props and changes now as well. The gas mask situation is just a fun idea I came up with. I built a gas mask into a microphone so that I could carry an American flag and still use my other hand for pointing and taunting the crowd. It's been fun and given fans a new reason to come watch us. It's more entertaining.

Something else that's entertaining is Riggs HUGE penis. Have you ever seen it erect?

J-Sinn: I can't imagine that anyone would be interested in this, but, I am also sure that him being around a bunch of dudes doesn't do that to him. But to answer your question, no. I did however have to witness the damn thing at one point in time on tour. I never want to see it again.

Oooh. Do tell!

J-Sinn: Walked in the room at the wrong time.


J-Sinn: It was horrible sight for any straight man. That's really all I have to say about the encounter.

What was he doing?! Stroking it? Commenting on how big it is? Giving you come hither looks with his eyes? I need details!!!

J-Sinn: He was getting dressed!

That's ALL? That traumatized you?! Damn baby. So what is your penis like?

J-Sinn: Not much to tell, pretty average. Stays tucked back when not aroused and when it is, there is about 8 to 9 inches in length and 5 to 6 in girth. However, it is pierced.

You told me something about the function of the ball on the prince albert....

J-Sinn: During intercourse, the ball slides up into the urethra, building pressure for when the orgasm comes. And when it's built up enough, it spits the ball out and makes for a much better orgasm. It also drags along the female g spot during doggy style. However, it makes it a pain in the ass to take a piss, especially with the old morning wood going on.

That's hot. Have you ever been drunk and let a guy blow you?

J-Sinn: No.

Who in your band would you be least surprised to find out is gay

J-Sinn: Jes

Awww, you ruined my erection, by putting the image of vagina in my head! Does Ontogenesis hold up, in your mind?

J-Sinn: Hold up? I mean, I think it is a great record. It's a solid metal record that holds true to modern metal and is up to industry standard production value. It has garnered quite a bit of attention world wide, so yeah, I think it holds up just fine. I think that each one of us in the band has something that we would change now. But for as quick as we recorded and released it, I think we nailed it. And anything we wanted to do differently, that is obviously laid down on tracks now, we can always incorporate live to make the shows a tad different and or more exciting for the fans.

Speaking of your fans, would you like to close this interview with saying anything to them?

J-Sinn: Sure. Stay tuned and keep it metal. We should be touring next year. And new music will be coming out!