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The Final Interview of Defiler

In retrospect, what are the most acceptable things that happened as a result of "Cryomancer" and what could have you done without?

Juvie Jake: I think the coolest thing was getting any fans at all. We never intended for it to get any traffic or anything. I could definitely have done without all the Internet people who say the most ruthless, retarded things, just because they don't like it. Back in the day when people didn't like something, they just stopped listening to it.

How did the connection with mortal Jamey Jasta happen?

Juvie Jake: I was sending out old school styled physical press packages to a bunch of labels, and Stillborn was on there. Jamey called me when he saw that Metalsucks posted the "Cryomancer" video.

If you were both gay, do you think you'd go for him? He does have a beautiful smile

Juvie Jake: Totally. He could definitely "Destroy Everything".

Who in Hatebreed would you most want to have sex with?

Juvie Jake: All of them. It's Hatebreed.

When Pangaea was re-released by Stillborn, was anything done to it?

Juvie Jake: We had it remixed and mastered by Zeuss, new packaging done by Mike D, and added a bonus track. I think it was definitely a worthwhile endeavor, because it also gave Pangaea a chance at physical distribution.

Sometimes a young, mortal band has difficulty adjusting to life on the road. Members come and go. How has it been for Defiler?

Juvie Jake: We've unfortunately had a number of members come and go. But, we've had the same drummer for two years, and since I'm the primary songwriter, people can still expect to hear Defiler in the future.

Has entering the music business enabled you to become more creative? Or less?

Juvie Jake: I think more. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of people on random ideas, and who knows whether or not I could bring these ideas to fruition if we never signed?

How would you like to see Defiler's music evolve? What would you like to attempt as a band?

Juvie Jake: The Defiler sound will definitely have some "style additions" on the next album. There will be more clean vocals, less breakdowns, and some other stuff. This is due to me getting older and just not wanting to write the same things over and over. Bands need to evolve, and hopefully our fans can respect that.

How did you come to work with Andrew Mikhail? Why is he just a "touring guitarist," and not a permanent part of the band??

Juvie Jake: We met Andrew on a tour we did with his old band, Straight Line Stitch. We totally hit it off and had no guitarist to tour with us, and he said he missed playing heavy music. Him being a touring guitarist is because he doesn't ever want to be tied down to one thing. He is a man of many, musical faces.

Do you have your full, glorious pubic bush? Or did some female mortal talk you into shaving it all off?

Juvie Jake: I've always shaved it off, with no influence from my mortal girlfriend. Just something I've always done.

Now I don't want to blow you! Do you have a hot, hairy ass? Please don't tell me you shave that too.

Juvie Jake: (Laughs) Unfortunately it's just not hairy. I'm Portuguese and Irish, so I guess somewhere in my bloodline that cancelled out hairiness.

One mortal that's is proud of his hairy ass, is Frankie Bear of Emmure. He has pretty eyes too. How did you come to work with him?

Juvie Jake: Frankie does have pretty eyes. I've been a fan of Emmure for years, and one day when we were coming into New York, he asked us to stay at his place. Needless to say I was stoked! He showed us their new songs, we played a bunch a video games and that's when I asked him to join us for a song.

Now that you've had time to live with Nematocera, what do you believe are it's shining moments?

Juvie Jake: My favorite song on Nematocera is still "Nuclear Anomaly". Lyrically, that was me officially letting go of all the stupid bullshit in my life that I wrote about on Pangaea. Now that I'm done with all of that, I can focus on writing music focused on things other than just pure hate.

When mortal fans talk about the songs to you, have they ever surprised you by a particular interpretation/praise/criticism of a song? How do you react to that?

Juvie Jake: Absolutely, and I love that. This is why I never go in-depth with lyrical explanations (save for a few songs). Because it could mean something different to other people, and who am I to take that away from them? People ask me if our songs are about famous murderers, movies, anything. It's awesome. for the subject I most want to know about. Tell me about your hot, steamy past as a convict.

Juvie Jake:(Laughs) Let's just say the two months in Juvie was enough for me to know I definitely don't want to go back.


Juvie Jake:I was the only white boy in there, but I was also the only one who had done something incredibly violent, so nobody really messed with me.

I'm getting hard.

Juvie Jake:(Laughs) When I got out and spent six months on house arrest, it was torturous because it was like I was free, but I wasn't. It drained me mentally, and I wrote a LOT of weird shit in that time that I'm not sure will ever see the light of day.

What did you do that was so incredibly violent?

Juvie Jake:In SELF DEFENSE, I beat a guy with a bat.

I am SO going to jerk it when this interview concludes

Juvie Jake: (Laughs) There's really no way for me to explain the whole story in depth without taking up an entire internet page of space, but he broke into my ex's house. When I approached him he whacked me over the head with a pretty heavy backpack.

Hotness! Ok...I'm going to save all of this for my spank bank. Back to the music! Do you think Metal has become stagnant? Is there anything left to express within the genre?

Juvie Jake:I definitely don't believe metal has become stagnant, I just feel that there are too many bands out with nothing really to say. There are still a myriad of artists out there that are doing metal justice.

Who do you think is the most influential Metal band of today?

Juvie Jake: For me at least, it's Slipknot. That band is pretty much why we are here. I had found some alternative metal bands before them, but the minute I heard wait and bleed, I knew there was a place for how I felt in the world.